TDC 2014 São Paulo – Live Code with CDI 2.0

Hello everyone!

I’m really happy to announce that my presentation on TDC 2014 in Brazil is now available to everyone! =D

Alexandre Gama - TDC 2014

I talked about CDI 2.0 and all my presentation were based on 100% in live code (and unbelievably everything worked well!)

I spoke about some cool features we have in CDI as the features below:

– Dependency Injection (and how to work with @Produces annotation)

– Injection Point (to know about informations that we would like to know when working with @Produces)

– Qualifiers (when we have some ambiguous objects to be resolved as a dependency and we need to fix it)

– Inheritance with Qualifiers

– Typed annotation (to work better with Qualifiers)

– Lazy dependency injection with CDI

– Event and Observers (when we need to work with notifications and listeners in CDI)

Unfortunately the presentation is in Portuguese and I hope that the next can be in English =D

See you soon!


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